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I’m joined today by Peter Abraham and Neil Perkin. They’re the authors of the book “Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation”. They wrote the book to capture and share their own experiences of digital transformation projects since 2009 and share it with others who might also be approaching digital transformation.  And they believe digital transformation is fundamentally about agility. Agility = (Velocity x Focus x Flexibility)

Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation:

Neil Perkin: I think one of the observations that I had when we wrote the book was that there was lots of material out there.I think it was focused on the “why” of digital transformations, so why companies need to change, the kind of impact of technology, the need to become a different type of organisation. But there was very little around “how”, very little. So, we set out really to write a book that focused on the “how”, to give leaders the kind of tools and the thinking and the models and the frameworks that they needed to help them understand a way through the kind of complexity which sits around digital transformation. So, much more about the “how” rather than the “why”, I think.

Peter Abraham: Neil and I had worked together quite a lot, probably since about 2009 on what were kind of transformation projects. Nobody really turned that digital transformation, but it was transformation through digital. And we’d amassed quite a lot of insight. We thought wouldn’t it be good if we could share this, not so much as a kind of bible, but almost as a stick in the sand to say: “This is what we’ve seen. What are you guys seeing?”. So, because a lot of people were still talking about technology and we thought it was definitely more about people.

“Simple things like initiatives that deliver quick wins are powerful as they give stories, clarity and  an understanding of  what good really looks like.”  – Neil Perkin

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