I Help Modern Managers and LeadersHave More Impact On Their Digital Transformation Work

By managing the interface between business management and technology.

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About Rob Llewellyn

Rob helps managers, leaders, and consultants enjoy more successful careers.

In over 20 years across 30+ countries, Rob has helped Fortune 100 CEOs, start-up founders who sold out for close to $1Billion, and thousands of other professionals in between.

He does this by showing them how to manage the interface between technology and business management, which enables them to generate new commercial value.

He is also passionate about helping open-minded entrepreneurs take their own bite out of the Internet economy.

As the founder and CEO of the CXO Transform education platform, Rob has proven how you can acquire thousands of new customers without big corporate budgets, agencies or expensive teams.

CXO Transform has become an established source of inspiration, education and certification for transformation professionals who serve some of the world’s most well-respected companies.

Rob’s book is available here on Amazon

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