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Today I’m going to be talking with Doyle Buehler. He’s the CEO of Department Digital. He’s a best-selling author, speaker and digital business thought-leader, who specialises in strategic digital marketing and digital business transformation. Now, at the intersection of innovation and digital strategy, he is best known for effectively connecting business leaders and their prime business to their entire digital ecosystem, to help them build a remarkable, profitable digital business and future-proof and leverage the digital assets with their unique audience. He also hosts the popular podcast “Breaking Digital” and I’ll include a link to that in the show notes, and that’s where he interviews digital influencers from around the world discussing digital leadership, innovation and disruption across a range of digital business and online channel topics.

The importance of Digital strategy for transformation by Doyle Buehler:

Well, otherwise if you don’t have a clear digital strategy, you’re actually almost shooting yourself in the foot, because you’ll kind of wander a little bit and you’re flying by the seat of the pants, as the expression goes. But without a real strategy, you have no idea to be able to understand what’s coming and how you’re going to deal with it. And it’s not really related to, you know, if Facebook stops publishing your articles or stuff like that, as digital strategy is really more profound than that, it’s more of a foundation as to say “this is what our business is about” and “this is how we leverage the digital technologies” and “this is how we leverage humans within that digital technology”. So, for transformation, if you really want to succeed at transformation, you need to have a core digital strategy, a core digital foundation that actually carries that through. Otherwise, you’ll be wandering for quite some time.

“The first level of a digital strategy is just understanding your “why”, like your purpose, what are you really doing in this space and why are you doing it?” ~ Doyle Buehler

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