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Today, I’m joined by Rod Collins. Rod is an expert on the future of business. He serves in the dual capacity as the Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors, a global strategy consulting firm, and as the innovation curator at Salt Flats. Rod’s the author of the book ‘Wiki Management’.

What the Book is about:

‘Wiki’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘quick’ or ‘fast’. And if you’re going to survive in terms of managing the 21st-century business, organisations have to be designed to move fast. And so, the book is about a revolutionary, new management model that is being practised by a group of vanguard companies; companies like Google and Amazon and Zappos. And what these companies have learned is that the most effective organisational structures in the 21st century are not centralised top-down hierarchies, but rather distributed peer-to-peer networks. And you lead networks very differently than you lead hierarchies. And the book outlines about 50 practices that are used by these vanguard companies so that companies who want to learn how to manage differently will have a guide for doing that.

We have to manage differently in a rapidly changing world and probably there’s no place that needs to be done more differently than strategy. If you think about it, managers just have two fundamental accountabilities: it’s strategy and execution. Strategy is about doing the right things. Execution is about doing things right.

“What’s happening today and I think at the heart of digital transformation is the fundamental architectural shift in the way that the world works. From centralised top-down hierarchies to distributed peer-to-peer networks, this is the impact of the digital revolution.” ~ Rod Collins

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