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Today I’m joined by Lee Bryant. Lee is the co-founder of a company called Post*shift, and they work with companies – both large organisations and start-ups – across all key areas of modern digital operations. Lee’s of the belief that the greatest priority for digital leaders these days is to redesign their organisational operating systems to create connected companies. 

The value of digital transformation for companies by Lee Bryant:

I think the biggest challenge and one of the most important issues right now is the readiness of organizations themselves to deal with both the opportunities and threats posed by digitization in the broader sense. I think there’s been-, people use the term in very different ways. I think some people use it really just to talk about marketing and social media which I think is a part of the picture, but it’s a very trivial part of the picture. Others might use the term to refer to new digital apps and products and services and so on. But I think the big picture challenge is that most of our organizations, and not just businesses, you know, government and public sector as well, are not structured and not ready to become digital-first organizations. 

So, I think the first challenge really is this digital optimization of getting people ready, so a more connected company, a more data-driven company and something that’s more laterally connected rather than vertically hanging off a hierarchy. So, I think that’s challenge number one. I think challenge number two is how we then transform our ways of working using digital technology. And then we come to the icing on the cake if you like, which is our ability to use this new structure and way of working to generate new products, new services, innovation and the customer-facing value from the whole thing. So, I think that’s in summary how we see Digital Transformation which is first and foremost about creating organizations that are ready and fit to thrive and survive in the digital era.

“You know, what we’re trying to bring to organizations is constant adaptability, constant sensing and responding to external threats, external opportunities or changing customer needs, or changing circumstances in the market.” ~Lee Bryant

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