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In this episode we delve into cybersecurity and to help us do that I’m joined by Chris Hodson from the UK. Chris is an information security, data privacy and risk management leader with a background in strategy, architecture and design. He’s got 18 years of experience under his belt in the Financial, Retail, Energy and Media sectors and back in 2016, he made the move from being an end-user into the vendor space with Zscaler. Now for the past two and a half years, Chris has been operating as Zscaler’s Chief Information Security Officer for EMEA – Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and Data Protection Officer. As a CISO, he’s a trusted advisor to executives, board members and other stakeholders helping them define well-balanced strategies for managing risk and improving business outcomes.

Being a Chief Information Security Officer in a world of digital transformation by Chris Hudson:

The modern CISO is something that’s hotly debated in magazines on Linkedin, industry conferences and there’s many schools of thought as to what makes a good, quote-unquote “CISO”. I think there has to be kind of-, it’s a hybrid role these days. I think people talk about these two kinds of core career paths that you see. You get the CISO and maybe I fall into this camp so slightly biased maybe, but-, who’s come from a very technical background maybe they’ve worked as an engineer, they’ve worked as an architect-designer, they started to progress through to management responsibilities and you know they become the CISO via that route and the other CISO that’s commonly I suppose experienced in organizations is one that’s been in a leadership role within the business somewhere else in that company.

“A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful book that provides a well-rounded perspective into the interconnected world of cyber-risk management. The breadth of knowledge and the wonderful similes used to breakdown complex ideas show that Chris clearly knows his stuff!” ~ Atif Rafiq, Chief Information Security Officer, Quantexa

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