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I am joined today by Matt Alder who is an expert in talent acquisition strategy and he’s also the host of the “Recruiting Future” podcast, which is one of the world’s most listened-to podcasts on recruiting innovation. In every episode, Matt is interviewing thought leaders and practitioners influencing and changing an industry. He is also in the process of writing a book and that’s scheduled to be out in April 2020 and we will ask Matt about that in just a moment. 

Digital transformation viewed from a perspective of H.R. professionals:

To me, I think that digital transformation is a massive challenge and a massive opportunity for H.R… It’s all about, from my perspective, it’s all about the people in the business who are going to drive the business forward and if it’s about people, that should be something that H.R. is front and centre at. I think it’s about supporting the “people aspect” of the digital transformation of the business, but also digitally transforming the way H.R. works itself. So it’s a dual challenge for H.R.

“I can’t think of two better people than Mervyn Dinnen and Matt Alder to document how the talent journey and the world of human resources is being disrupted in the digital age.” David Green, Global Director, People Analytics Solutions, IBM Watson Talent 2017-03-20

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