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I’m joined today by Braden Kelley. Braden is a director of innovation and human-centred problem-solving at Oracle. In his spare time, he’s the author of two popular books: “Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire” and “Charting Change”. He’s a keynote speaker and the driving force behind And he’s the creator of the Change Planning Tool Kit, which is a suite of tools designed to help people beat the 70 per cent change and transformation failure rate. 

Why Business Model Canvas resonate with people so well by Braden Kelley:

Well, I think that the reason why the Business Model Canvas resonated so well with people was the fact that people are scared by having to create a business plan. It’s a kind of a daunting task. If you look at a lot of the posts on LinkedIn Pro Finder and other places like that, there’s a lot of people looking for help building a business plan.  Everybody back then, before the Business Model Canvas came out, always thought that that was the first step that you’re going to create a start-up or try to build something new within an organisation was to create this 100 page business plan and the other aspect I think helped make it so successful is the fact that there are a lot of people are visual learners.

And if you look at how the brain is structured, there’s more space allocated in terms of sensory capabilities to vision than to anything else. And so I think that that’s where tools like the Business Model Canvas are incredibly powerful, because they not only start to access that visual part of the brain, but then they also create an opportunity for collaboration.

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