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I’m joined today by Roland Deiser, who is a Drucker Senior Fellow and leads the “Centre for the Future of Organization” at the Drucker School of Management at Claremont University. His current work focusses on the impact of digital technologies, on leadership and organisation, and on organisational capabilities required in disruptive business environments. Roland is also the founder and chairman of the Executive Corporate Learning Forum which is a consortium of more than 50 global corporations from twelve countries, which he created in 2005 to shape the future of transformational learning and development in large organisations.

Agile Architecture by Roland Deiser:

Digital transformation has created a whole plethora of buzzwords. “Agility”, “ambidexterity”, you name it. I mean there’s a lot of new buzzword stuff that goes into the dictionary here. And agility certainly is one of them. I think it’s important to distinguish three elements. One is (and a lot of people do this) is making people more agile, which means agile mindsets, get people a little bit more curious, get people out of their mindset of staying just within the silo of thinking. Agility on a personal level would mean enhancing collaboration between people and so on and so forth. And for that you have training and you go into hackathons and you go into design thinking [workshops], where people go [beyond] their traditional ways and find new ways of being creative and develop things. So, as a person, you become more agile…

“I think a great way to create industry leadership is to initiate and facilitate platforms of stakeholders, that you orchestrate, for instance, together with your customers to create a customer dialogue platform about issues that are important to them and create a supplier platform for bringing other stakeholders of ecosystem into conversations. I believe it’s very much about enhancing conversations and dialogue architectures.”

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