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There’s never been a need for organizational change management and a focus on the people side of change more than today. And while most leaders won’t disagree with that, a lot of organizations still struggle with it. My guest today is Karen Ferris who’s the author of several books about organizational change management. One is called “Balanced Diversity” and her most recent publication is called “Game on – Change is constant”. Karen helps organizations thrive in the face of volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous change (VUCA), providing new tools and approaches for a new age in organizational change management. Effectively, she’s trying to break the mould.

The need for organizational change management due to digital transformation by Karen Ferris:

So it’s all about helping with the people side of change, because whatever we do impacts people. And when we’re talking about digital transformation, the statistics are out there. The organizations are really struggling with it. And one of the reasons is that we tend to focus on the technology side of things.

If you think about using the word transformation, I think we’ve been transforming forever and I think it’s probably the wrong word. I think digital disruption is more appropriate, and it is disruptive and it’s affecting, when we do it it’s going to require technology change, infrastructure change, process roles and all of those impact people. And it’s a massive change. So we need to make sure that everybody is part of that program of change or the continual improvement. And we also need a good cultural foundation, because digital disruption or transformation is going to require new ways of working, new ways of thinking, the fundamental mindset shifts and we need to have the foundation in place before we embark on that journey.

“If you think of a soccer team, for example, every week, every game they play is different. The pitch, the supporters, the weather, the opposition, the tactics, the composition of the team and even during a game, there can be red cards and reduction in numbers, people change positions, the opposition changes the tactics and they don’t resist those changes. They say ‘game on’. And they’re resilient in the face of that constant change. They just embrace it. And that’s the workforce we need today. ” ~ Karen Ferris

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