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Number One in the “Thinkers 360” list for digital transformation and digital disruption is Haydn Shaughnessy. And he pioneers new ways to practice business agility. Haydn is a founder of Flow Academy, where his role is to help companies sort out problematic transformations or design them with a strong chance of success. As well as being featured by HBR and Forbes and a published author of no fewer than four books, together with his partner Fin Goulding, Haydn has developed methods for assessing value and directing innovation more effectively. His book, “Shift“, is a leader’s guide to the platform and eco-system economy and was described by Forbes as “everything you need to know about digital transformation”. His clients include the likes of Swift, Fuji Film, the Swiss Stock Exchange, J.P. Morgan and many others. 

The ‘new market dynamics’ by Haydn Shaughnessy:

I think there are a number of new dynamics in the marketplace that are forcing companies to not just transform but to create new organisational forms. And we see those new organisational forms in the platform and eco-system movement. I think now for about well perhaps in the Apple App Store 2008, companies have become increasingly aware that they need some kind of platform. I think that idea is a bit oversold because it’s not that difficult to create a platform. What’s more difficult is to create this eco-system of participants in your economic activity and that eco-system, the idea of the eco-system and eco-system thinking, is very, very underdeveloped. But it is extremely important and it’s at the root of the new market dynamics that I think companies are facing. They’re also facing though things like those eco-systems or eco-system ways of doing business have been harnessed very quickly by Chinese companies…

“We have the conditions for platform and eco-system businesses out there, but we need to have the right mindset and the right mindset is to think in terms of exponential scale. Once you start to think in terms of the right scale, you need to narrow your focus down to very small range products or even a mono-focal point at the early stages and grow from that.” ~ Haydn Shaughnessy

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