Digital Transformation Move

IDC's Decision-Making

The future of business will be technology fuelled and driven. Future technologies (Mobility, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Crowd-sourcing, Internet of things, Industry 4.0, Big Data, 3D printing) or the 3rd platform, is the key driver for the business innovation.
The “next chapter” of the 3rd Platform unfolds as we move from the foundation stage to mainstream adoption stage. With most organizations now utilizing third platform technologies to drive the digital transformation of their organization, the industry finds itself at an inflexion point. Those organizations that can rapidly scale their digital transformation efforts by leveraging 3rd Platform technologies will be the thrivers in the digital economy.
This is a high-stakes game and the pressure is on as some organizations pull away from the pack with bold digital bets. Leadership comes into play heavily now.
Yet, many questions abound:

Business Executive are asking “How do I lead my organization through Digital Transformation?”
IT Executives are asking “How do I lead my IT organization to be a successful technology partner to the business?
Tech Supplier Executives are asking “How do I lead my technology supplier organization to be a successful partner to my clients?

Contextual thinking and pragmatic ways are required.

IDC DecisionScapes is a portfolio of decision-making making methodologies that enable technology and business professionals to make better informed strategic decisions.

IDC DecisionScapes portfolio divided into four:

Explore: understand business requirements and technology option

IDC FutureScapes are used to shape IT strategy and planning by providing a framework for evaluating IT initiatives in terms of their value to business strategy now, and in the future.

“IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Strategy Consulting 2016 Predictions”
[These predictions provide a strategic context that will enable chief digital officers (CDOs) to establish a critical role and lead their digital organizations through a period of accelerating business transformation]
IDC TechScapes mitigate technology risk by helping organizations align their tolerance for risk with the anticipated maturation of a technology.

“IDC TechScape: Worldwide Smart Manufacturing Technologies, 2015”

[This IDC study uses the IDC TechScape model to provide an assessment of both industry-specific and industry-agnostic technology adoptions supporting the smart manufacturing products market]

Align: Create strategy for technology initiative
IDC MaturityScapes provide a structured way to identify current levels of maturity and the gap between where an organization is and where it need to be to maintain competitive balance or achieve industry superiority.

“IDC MaturityScape: Internet of Things”

[This IDC study describes IDC's Internet of Things MaturityScape framework, which identifies the stages, critical measures, business outcomes, and actions required for organizations to effectively develop IoT competency]
IDC MaturityScape Benchmarks enable organization to compare maturity against peers, pinpoint where peers are more advanced, and identify the benefits achieved as one moves to more advanced stages.

“IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Enterprise Mobility in Australia”

[This IDC study presents the results of IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Enterprise Mobility in Australia. It provides enterprises the framework to plan, develop, and execute their enterprise mobility initiatives]
IDC PlanScapes ensures business value is recognized from technology by developing a technology initiative that is aligned with business goals, scoped to succeed, and properly resourced.

“IDC PlanScape: Omni-Channel Retail Execution Platforms for Now and the Future”

[This IDC PlanScape serves as a guide that helps retailers that have recently initiated efforts to build a road map for omni-channel]

Engage: Launch technology initiative
IDC PeerScapes ensure project success by identifying practices that have the most impact on the success of a technology initiative.

“IDC PeerScape: Practices for Creating a Compelling Digital Transformation Vision”

[This IDC PeerScape introduces five practices that help senior business and technology leaders create a compelling and sellable digital transformation vision.]
IDC MarketScapes mitigate supplier risk by providing an accurate and consistent assessment of suppliers character

“IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Datacenter Infrastructure Management 2015 Vendor Assessment”

[This IDC study uses the IDC MarketScape model to provide an assessment of 15 vendors participating in the datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) market]
Optimize: Refine and manage technology
IDC EdgeScapes mitigate supplier risk by identifying, profiling, and assessing technology vendors.