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I’m joined today by Andrew Ward. Andrew has been bringing about a refocus to experiences and the ways technology can help for almost 20 years. With a varied career ranging from a children’s farm and hedgehog hospital through to global change with the University of Nottingham. He’s identified the layers of change which can help bridge the communication boundaries which are inherent with such changes. He’s now part of the digital team at British Gas Business, where he’s helping bring the same transformational changes to how they interact with customers and provide a better level of service.

Layers of Change by Andrew Ward:

We think the layers of change vary between those that are performing a transformational change in an organisation. So, either those that are trying to structure a large change program or the individual change agents that just need help to understand how to explain their idea to those that feel like they’re talking a different language. We’re hoping that the different layers allow people to appreciate the different points of view all the way from the contextual that occurs within every organisation down through the touchpoint into the data-based insights that tell you what’s happening in different datasets. So, our focus is mainly as a communication platform for those that are interested in change in some way or want to get over the communication barriers that they experience in a lot of organisations.

“Everyone wants to do the right thing, but they don’t necessarily even know what the right thing is or don’t agree. And when it hits onto the “don’t agree”, a lot of the time from what we’ve seen, that’s because they actually don’t understand the other point of view, because they’re coming at it from a different direction.” ~ Andrew Ward

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