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The PMO – Who Needs it?

It’s not always easy trying to sell the merits of a PMO to a “technical” CTO or CIO – or anyone who doesn’t necessarily have a good understanding of project and programme management. Many people elevate to the heights of a C-level post without having been through the project and programme…

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Portfolio Management helps organisations answer the important question; ‘Are we sure this investment is right for us and how will it contribute to our strategic objectives?’ Definitions: Portfolio: The totality of an organisations’ investment (or segment thereof) in the changes required to…

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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management helps us ensure successful change. It helps managers assess and manage the environment around the planned programme and brings out the interests of the stakeholders and identifies potential conflicts to assign a level of risk or challenges to the programme’s success. It also helps identify existing relationships…

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100 Tips for PMs from Former Associate Director of NASA Flight Projects

PROJECT MANAGER IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! OR IS IT? These have been floating around the net for quite a few years and I happened to stumble across them again and thought I should share them with you. All credit goes to Jerry Madden at NASA for this compilation of…

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