Your Move on the 2nd Half of the Chessboard

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

Your Move on the 2nd Half of the Chessboard

As an unprecedented pace of digital transformation encapsulates every industry like a digital vortex, even sharp leaders can fail to grasp the power of exponential forces, that they are not accustomed to dealing with. But as BCG explained in an article recently, these leaders can consider simple questions such as:

  • Where can I be disrupted?
  • What can I forecast?
  • Where do I need to adapt?”

Each of these questions needs to be followed by a number of others, which help get into the detail, such as five of the questions that follow; Have we explicitly mapped the digital landscape?

  1. What are the anchoring beliefs for the future upon which we can build our forecast scenarios?
  2. Where would we attack our business?
  3. What source of value creation is most vulnerable?
  4. Where do we go against the grain in shaping digital strategies?
  5. Are we overestimating our abilities?

Read more in The Double Game of Digital Strategy from BCG and watch the video below in which Andrew McAfee of MIT describes what Ray Kurzweil coined as “the second half of the chessboard” in his 2001 article; The Law of Accelerating Returns.
With the chessboard analogy in mind, ask yourself; “what will our industry look like after ten squares – a performance factor of about 1,000?”