Transform Your Business in 2016 With IDC FutureScape

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Transform Your Business in 2016 With IDC FutureScape

IDC FutureScape Forward-looking framework for evaluating IT initiatives based on their value to business strategy.
IDC FutureScape – is used to shape IT strategy and planning by providing a framework for evaluating IT initiatives in terms of their value to business strategy now, and in the future.

  • IDC’s FutureScape is a departure from other models. It is comprised of a set of “Decision Imperatives” designed to identify a range of pending issues that CIOs and senior technology professionals will confront within the typical 3-year business planning cycle, and for which a decision will be required — even if that decision is not to act.
  • The IDC FutureScape can be used to evaluate individual areas of IT impact, but it can also be used to frame the direction of IT strategy for 12-36 months.
  • The complexity of analyzing future strategic directions while making budget bound tactical decisions also means correlating near-term risk/return calculations with much longer term potential outcomes.
  • The IDC FutureScape methodology is designed to create actionable recommendations that are linked to key ecosystem drivers and to data from IDC customers across many industries.


  • Key Drivers include political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal, and business factors that are compelling businesses to react and adapt.
  • The IT Impact of each Decision Imperative is intended to provide more detail and direction on the implications of the change and how IT leaders can adapt to it.
  • The drivers that shape the IDC FutureScape are broad, macro trends and conditions that are external to the business but which have a direct impact on how business leaders shape their strategies.
  • The IDC FutureScape is a tool to help IT and business leaders understand the dynamics of the 3rd Platform and the consequent changes to business architecture, information management, social workflows and a host of other key considerations.

Here is IDC FutureScape – Sneak Peak Worldwide Technology 2016 Predictions
Written by Shekhar Bhartiya

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