Watch the Systems Thinking and Transformation Webinar Replay

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

Watch the Systems Thinking and Transformation Webinar Replay

fhnw-digital-transformationDigital business transformation has become the most significant managerial challenge in an organisation’s development. Internally it impacts the entire organisation, while externally, it affects the organisation’s strategic position in the market, along with the likelihood of its longevity or its demise.
Digital business transformation influences the nature of the relationships between individuals, as well as organisational units, which gets complex, particularly in larger organisations. It also presents organisations with enormous potential in terms of growth and development, but that doesn’t come without significant challenges and risk.
So the challenge of undertaking transformation and realising its benefits, needs to be tackled by leaders who understand both the planned, and unplanned consequences that lay in store for the organisation.

Systems Thinking in Transformation

Systems thinking is an evolving discipline that adopts a holistic perspective on organisational systems. It follows from the systems principle that individual performance improvement doesn’t necessarily improve the performance of the entire system. This calls for management to focus more on the improvement of the interactions of the parts together – than on the improvement of the actions of the parts individually.

Systems Thinking Webinar

Rob Llewellyn hosted a webinar last week, during which Dr Michael von Kutzschenbach of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Northwestern Switzerland was invited to talk about Systems Thinking.
The objective was to introduce the audience to the systems thinking methodology, which can help sharpen managerial inquiry. Michael introduce some of the principles and tools of systems thinking, which helps equip managers and leaders with the skills to visualise an organisation’s business model in terms of the structures and policies that create dynamics and regulate performance.
In the 2-min video below, Rob Llewellyn introduces the webinar, and you can watch the entire webinar here