Five Steps To Transformation Success

Let’s explore what digital business transformation is all about and how to be more successful with it.

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Decide Which Transformation Journey You’re On

Transforming A
Large Organisation

This course teaches you how to orchestrate transformation in large companies. A perfect foundation for digital economy professionals.

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Growing Your
Consultancy Business

Delivering consultancy services is one thing, but generating a consistent flow of clients to deliver to is another. This course teaches you my six-step system.

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Watch This

Listen to Rob introduce himself and some of the resources you might find helpful across the site.

Get Your Free Resources

Access some of the free resources that Rob feels other transformation professionals might find helpful.

Tune In

Listen and subscribe to Rob’s weekly Transformation Management podcast, where he talks about a broad array of transformation topics.

Episode 16 of Leading Digital Transformation

Karen Ferris Interviewed

There’s never been a need for organisational change management and a focus on the people side of change more than today, but a lot of organisations still struggle with it. Karen Ferris is the author of several books about Organisational Change Management and she helps organisations thrive in the face of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous change, providing new tools and approaches for a new age in organisational change management. Effectively, breaking the mould!

Episode 15 of Leading Digital Transformation

Michael Wade Interviewed

Most organisations today don't need to be convinced of the need to transform, but they do struggle with how to do it. The harsh reality is that despite the best of intentions, and billions spent in pursuit of successful transformation outcomes, the vast majority of programmes fizzle out, falling well short of what was anticipated. In this episode, Professor Michael Wade - author of the books ‘Orchestrating Transformation’ and ‘Digital Vortex’ - unpacks the transformation challenge with a particular focus on responding to digital economy threats and opportunities.



Discover a selection of online courses for transformation professionals who are committed to going the extra mile to perform at their best.

Digital Transformation Management Success

  • I want to perform better in my current transformation role.
  • I'm looking for my next transformation role.

This course teaches you how to orchestrate transformation in large companies. A perfect foundation for digital economy professionals.

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How to grow your
consultancy business

  • I want a way to consistently generate more business.
  • I need to systemise the acquisition of new clients.

This course shows consultancy owners the six steps they need to take to generate an ongoing stream of clients that pay well.

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