sap matchWhile most SAP projects and programmes adopt the ASAP methodology for use at the project layer, many transformations using SAP solutions lack a methodology that addresses the programme and strategic layers of SAP enabled business transformation. SAP's BTM² methodology fills that gap and together ASAP and BTM² are referred to as “SAP's Perfect Match”.
There is unlikely to be anyone involved in SAP projects who is not at least aware of ASAP, and Project Managers should be well versed in it as ASAP helps to ensure that individual SAP projects are successful.
SAP's BTS (Business Transformation Services) experts have moved far beyond the basic ASAP methodology and supported by the SAP Business Transformation Academy, has produced the Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTM²). This was after recognition that an integrated and holistic business transformation management methodology was missing.

Mind The Gap Above The Project Layer

The pyramid below illustrates how large-scale SAP programmes involve three layers, but a shortcoming of many SAP programmes is the lack of a methodology that addresses anything above the Project layer.
Typical key stakeholders in BTM² are board members, C-level management including the CIO, business unit managers, programme and project managers, and transformation managers, as well as the entire middle management. It is essential to involve stakeholders on all hierarchical levels, and highly effective and proactive stakeholder management is a fundamental pillar of the Meta Management layer of BTM².
It is not uncommon for SAP programmes to be be going well “technically”, but they run into problems when stakeholders from the business have not been engaged early enough in the transformation. Furthermore, while people across the organisation might be aware that there is “an SAP initiative happening” few know what benefits it will bring about, its value proposition or competitive advantages it will create for the company. Because of this, levels of buy-in, support and business collaboration are often low, and even pose a threat to the transformation, all because of technical bias.  BTM² addresses this.
SAP's Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTM²) consists of four phases which are: Envision, Engage, Transform and Optimise; and the methodology integrates specific expertise from the following nine management disciplines required for successful transformation:

  • Meta Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Value Management
  • Risk Management
  • Process Management
  • Transformation IT Management
  • Project & Programme Management
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Training & Competency Management

SAP BTM² Expertise

If you are involved with SAP transformations at a programme management level and above, it will be of great benefit if you know how the SAP BTM² and ASAP Methodologies work together to achieve transformational success.
Based on a large body of knowledge (and extensive leadership coaching for the advanced certification) there are two levels of BTM² certification available via SAP's Business Transformation Academy, which 100s of SAP BTS Principal Consultants have been awarded, along with a smaller number of individuals from other leading organisations. The two levels of certification are:

  • BTPM – Business Transformation Programme Manager (BTM² knowledge)
  • GBTM – Global Business Transformation Master (advanced use of BTM² – particularly Meta Management at C-level)

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