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Episode 19

Envisage, Enable and Orchestrate Transformation

It’s important that transformation leaders envisage a new future, ensure the organisation is equipped to build that future, and then orchestrate the entire effort in a way that works as it needs to.

Episode 18

Business Transformation Management Methodology

The Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTM²) is a four-phase holistic and integrated business transformation management methodology.

Episode 17

Digital Reinvention V Digital Sugar Coating

Instead of focusing on legitimate transformation and re-thinking their business, too many and caught up tinkering in the sweet and colourful world of digital sugar coating.

Episode 16

Operating Model Reinvention

An operating model translates strategic intent into operational capabilities. But the old operating models of many companies aren't equipped to deal with legitimate digital business transformation.

Episode 15

The Right Programme Manager

Programme management involves the coordinated organisation, direction and implementation of projects and transformation activities to deliver outcomes and benefits relating to an organisation’s strategic objectives.

Episode 14

Transformation Guiding Principles

Organisations need to be able to talk about digital transformation using one common language and the right kind of conversation is essential.


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