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Episode 28

The CEO and Business Model Transformation

New business models are at the heart of new disruptive companies we sit up and take notice of. And antiquated business models are at the heart of other companies that are on the road to closure.

Episode 27

The Technology Fallacy Book Review

I'm going to provide a brief overview of a book that arrived with me in May 2019. It's called The Technology Fallacy - How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation by Gerald Kane, Anh Phillips, Jonathan Copulsky and Garth Andrus.

Episode 26

How Transformation Professionals Can Take Their Own Medicine

While most transformation professionals expect the organisations they work with to take advantage of digital to thrive in the digital economy, many individuals have yet to realise that they can - and often should - do the same for themselves.

Episode 25

The Rise of the Transformation Professional

The most successful transformation professionals don't wait for their managers to help them. They own their personal career transformation in the way a CEO owns their company's transformation.

Episode 24

8 Key Transformation Roles

While there are many roles that are important to transformation, this episode looks at eight of those key roles, each of which injects significant value into the undertaking, which in turn increases the odds of transformation success.

Episode 23

Ocado, Transformation and THRIVE

To be a transformational company like Ocado, the six guiding principles of THRIVE need to be accommodated. And these principles provide a way that leaders can navigate both the strategic and execution components of transformation.


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