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Episode 11

Digital Economy Business Models

The purest and most formidable type of transformation is business model transformation. Look around and you'll notice that most companies that have disrupted markets did so by introducing new business models. Not by digital sugar coating.

Episode 10

Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

Gone are the days when you could steer a business on gut feel and hunches. Because data is the new driver of the best firms, and authentic digital economy leaders know this. Which is why competitive intelligence is vital for competitive strategy.

Episode 9

Conversational AI Opportunity

The rise of conversational artificial intelligence is set to drive one of the most significant platform paradigm shifts of the decade. We're on the cusp of an explosion in its adoption by transformational companies.

Episode 8

The Digital Capability Framework

The Digital Capability Framework is a strategic management tool set designed to help companies innovate and orchestrate digitally enabled business transformation. It helps assess the current situation and identify new opportunities.

Episode 7

Transformation Start, Structure, Scale

In this episode we look at how you can start, structure and scale digital transformation based on the advice and guidance of Mendix – the low-code software platform company which Siemens acquired for a cool $730M.

Episode 6

Transformation Certification

In this episode we look at three reasons why an increasing number of professionals are taking steps to become certified in digital transformation, and what that can mean for them and the companies they work with.


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