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A lot of people talk about the why of transformation and the why of innovation but fewer talk about how to get it done.  Today we’re joined by Lindsay Herbert who is the author of the book ‘Digital Transformation’ published by Bloomsbury. Lindsay is going to share some of her insights with us on the how.  Particularly in terms of Innovation.  Let’s jump into the call with Lindsay. 

Lindsay Herbert on Digital Transformation:

The simple definition the truest definition is a digital transformation just means to become adaptive to change itself. Now, people then challenged me and say well that’s just the change program. And I say well the digital part comes in from the fact that you can’t adapt to change anymore without leveraging data without leveraging new technologies and without adopting new ways of working – namely being collaborative and iterative.

Those are the ways of working brought about by the Internet age, the Innovation age. So if you want to become adaptive to change it is a major step-change for most organizations because most major organizations are set up to standardize, to optimize, to bring down costs, to focus on efficiency not to focus on what’s happening on the outside world and how they need to be constantly adapting and reacting to the changes that are coming in especially the changes that are happening in really small early stages. Where you’ve got a chance to adapt and react to it early before it becomes a threat before it becomes a missed opportunity. But that is my core definition of digital transformation. It’s just being adaptive to change. 

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