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I will be interviewing Jack Perschke from London, Head of Government for B&PS the digital services division of Atos Consulting. Delivering digital transformation in government is particularly hard and extremely important. Today, Jack is going to talk to us about some of his experiences and in doing so he’s going to pick out some key do's and dont's as he goes. Jack will tell us a little bit about his background and what he has done in digital government. 

Importance of digital governance in a country by Jack Perschke:

So clearly government is the basis on which our societies exist. It is the code which brings us all together and allows us all to contribute to create the country that we want to be. It takes money from us and we may think whatever we think about taxation but ultimately it’s the way in which we share our success with our fellow citizens. It delivers justice to us and keeps us on the straight and narrow and keeps us all safe as well. And ultimately it paves the way for the future of all of us through education and infrastructure and a variety of other things. So government underpins a country, a digital government underpins us in a modern way.

“My final golden rule is to value leadership over almost everything else. So even if you break all the rules I’ve just described. If you have the right person in charge with the right vision and the ability to drive the team to the right conclusion you will probably get there. However, even if you fit all- even if you meet all of my rules, do exactly as I described but you’ve got the wrong person in charge you absolutely won’t get it. So, leadership as with so many things in life is absolutely critical in delivering these digital transformations.” – Jack Perschke

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