How to Become a Certified Digital Leader

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How to Become a Certified Digital Leader

How to Become a Certified Digital Leader

How to become an effective digital leader is something that many in senior positions are asking themselves. Because in recent years the world has been making one of the most fundamental shifts of our time – into the digital economy. And while individuals from every walk of life and from every continent have taken seized the opportunity to enhance their lives through the use of digital apps and devices, established companies have struggled. They have struggled to both seize the opportunities and counter the threats, that the digital economy presents them with.
The leaders of these companies have comfortably sat in operational roles for many years. Moving up the corporate ladder by keeping the wheels of their organisation in motion, and doing what worked well in the past. Over and over.
But things must change – at least for those managers and leaders who want to avoid witnessing their careers and companies being disrupted and dismantled, because they failed to transform – both themselves and the companies they were empowered to lead.

Understanding Emerging Digital Technologies

While understanding the concept of digital transformation is one thing, having a sufficient understanding of the emerging technologies that inspire, enable and empower digital transformation is something that many leaders lack.
Witnessing the 2018 embarrassment of US Senators as they made fools of themselves while engaging with Mark Zuckerberg exemplifies why leaders need at least an executive level understanding of the technologies that will power our digital economy.
For example, while you might know that data science consists of various phases and starts with collecting data, cleaning data and then building an analytical model based on algorithms and techniques such as machine learning – leaders should be equipped to have an intelligent conversations about data science. The same applies to analytics, machine learning and the infamous blockchain.

Business Leaders with Digital Intelligence

The solution begins with the transformation of leaders' mindsets. Without this, there will be little if any hope of transforming the entire organisation. So transformation must start with leaders, who in-turn can orchestrate the cultural shift and other aspects of business transformation – including the innovative ability to create new business models and ways of working through the exploitation and integration of emerging technologies.
An organisation's digital transformation journey will not succeed without building the internal digital capabilities and without the digital mindsets of the senior executives and digital skillsets of leaders. Team members should learn how to act with a lean and agile approach and methodologies. This means that leaders need to acquire a minimum level of knowledge to effectively and successfully lead a digital team, department or organisation.

The Certified Digital Leader Course

A new course called “The Certified Digital Leader” provides a managerial level of details on many of the emerging digital technologies of our time. While the content is not for the technical expert who will build digital systems, it is perfect for the manager or leader who needs a sufficient level of understanding to manage and lead digital transformations with confidence and intelligence.
The Certified Digital Leader course content will equip managers and leaders to engage in intelligent conversation around strategy, planning and execution with external partners and internal teams. It concludes with your certification being issued on the blockchain, with your own dedicated web space designed to help you let the world know of your new credentials.

What To Expect From The  Course

1. Learn the digital economy's transformation, business & technology trends
2. Understand the emerging digital technologies and how they drive transformation
3. Explore the relationships and overlaps between the latest digital technologies
4. Learn how to leverage digital technologies to impact businesses and societies
5. Learn to define the digital culture, mindsets and agile methodologies in the digital era

Course Modules

Learn about Digital Transformation and the Digital Economy

  • Strategy an execution
  • Values an business models
  • Impact on business and society
  • THRIVE approach
  • Roadmap

Learn about Emerging Digital Technologies

  • Gartner hype cycle
  • World trends and buzz-words
  • Emerging digital technologies relationships and overlaps
  • Drivers of digital transformation

Learn about Big Data

  • Concept of Big Data and its 3 Vs +2 Vs.
  • MapReduce and Apache Hadoop HDFS Architecture.
  • SQL, NoSQL databases and Big Data processing on cloud
  • Big Data and Analytics

Learn about Data Science & Analytics

  • Concept and phases
  • Data engineering, Data collection and cleaning
  • Analytics and Building Modelling
  • Machine Learning, Algorithms, Regression, Classification & Clustering
  • Data interaction and visualisation

Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Analytics and AI
  • Transformation of AI
  • Data analytics and techniques.
  • Deep Learning & Artificial Neural Network
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Writing recognition and machine translation
  • Robotics
  • Face recognition
  • Recommendation system (Netflix)
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Drones and Flying Taxis

Learn about Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Consumer Internet and IOT
  • Industrial IOT
  • 5G and IOT
  • Autonomous Vehicles & Drones using IOT

Learn about Smart Cities

  • Concept of smart city
  • Services offered to residents and visitors
  • Infrastructure and service platforms
  • Examples of Smart Cities

Learn about the Blockchain

  • Concept of Centralised, Decentralised and Distrusted Network
  • History and concept of Blockchain
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum and smart contracts
  • Hyperlegers, distributed ledgers and DAPs
  • Applications to industries

Learn about Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

  • Concept of Cloud computing
  • Advantages of Cloud computing
  • Public Cloud, national Cloud & private Cloud
  • Blockchain is Cloud 2.0
  • Security and privacy
  • Cybersecurity and attacks

Learn about Start-ups and Mindsets

  • Strategy, technology and culture
  • Size of the organisation and adaption to technologies
  • Culture and digital mindset
  • Innovation
  • Agile methodologies

Taking the Exam for Certification

  • Take the online exam
  • Get your certification issued on the Blockchain

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Certified Digital Leader Course

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