The success formula : how smart leaders deliver outstanding value

While companies and consultancies learn what it takes to surf the digital wave, one fundamental prerequisite for business success is still leadership at the top. While CEOs need to be champions of digital and involved at a strategic level, they also need to consider the outstanding value their stakeholders are expecting.

Over the years, Andrew Kakabadse has been building an extensive database of top teams, giving him the enviable advantage of seeing what separates effective teams from the rest. His latest project involved interviews with over 80 leading organisations from around the world, and provided data for his latest book.

One key finding was that organisations where stakeholder engagement was highest were not those led by charismatic and visionary leaders, but by a culture of delivering outstanding value.Through his research, Andrew found two different approaches at work. In strategy-led organizations, senior management has a clear notion of how value can be created and enacts a strategy to achieve it with the support of key managers and board members. Whereas leaders of value-delivery-led organisations gather evidence from internal and external stakeholders to determine the value the organisation is delivering today, and what it can deliver in the future.

Next a strategy is put in place to support those findings and is deliberately exposed to challenges from stakeholders to generate engagement.

Combined with Andrew Kakabadse's findings, a look in the book at BMW, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Jaguar Land Rover and Microsoft will help leaders improve the way they gather meaningful evidence to create a value-delivery culture.Learn more about The Success Formula; How Smart Leaders Deliver Outstanding Value.

Listen to an interview that CXO Transform's Rob Llewellyn conducted with Andrew Kakabadse.