digital-transformation-courseTHRIVE is a digital business transformation framework consisting of six principles and an extensive body of knowledge. The name THRIVE is an acronym made from six words which are:

  • Transformation
  • Holistic
  • Response
  • Innovation
  • Value
  • Enterprise

That’s why THRIVE and this free mini-course were developed. To provide executives and senior managers with a framework of principles and a body of knowledge they can leverage to lead and manage digital business transformation more effectively.

Digital Business Transformation Journey

Digital business transformation is a journey to adopt and deploy digital technologies and business models to quantifiably improve business performance. The first step of this journey is to grasp the need for transformation – an imperative driven by the inevitable digital disruption that will continue to change the face of every market in every industry.
Although digital is about technology, digital business transformation is about how we can best leverage that technology to achieve strategic business goals. So while technology is a powerful enabler, without which much of today’s transformation would be impossible, the focus must be on the needs of transforming the business to remain relevant and thrive in a highly competitive and evolving market.
Using the THRIVE Framework, the aim of this course is to provide leaders and senior managers with some of the fundamental tools and techniques they need to innovate, digitise and transform their companies to be competitive in the digital economy.

Why I Created the Course

I created this digital transformation course because while there are some excellent books, articles, podcasts and webinars available on the subject of digital business transformation, often they provide only a brief glimpse into some aspects, of what is after all, a very broad subject. Much of the transformation advice available today focuses on strategy, but fails to address the fact that strategy is often three times more difficult to deploy that develop, and yet the advice on successful execution is neglected.

Drowning in Digital Marketing

Marketing companies have done an excellent job of persuading the world that digital marketing is a vital part of their future. The problem is that many people think that digital transformation is all about marketing, when in fact it's much more.
Digital transformation is about marketing, the workforce, operations and business models, and the course helps transformation leaders understand the big picture.

Transformation and Change has Struggled for Years

Digital transformation has become a hot topic, but having been involved in transformation and change since the 1990's, I see many companies making the same mistakes in this digital era, particularly when it comes to execution. Most efforts struggle because they lack the capabilities required to execute digital transformation successfully – at least digital transformation at scale. A few small projects are one thing, but enterprise-wide transformation at scale is a different beast. Unfortunately, too many companies will only discover this after underestimating the lessons learned that are widely available. So I address this in the course too.


THRIVE lends itself well to the transformation education process. Its simplicity through core principles, and comprehensiveness through content, makes it an incredibly effective executive education tool. A tool that will become increasingly valuable for many companies that want to thrive in the digital economy.

  • Whether you are a CEO or other executive who needs to acquire new knowledge to help you demonstrate more insightful leadership in this space, or whether you are a senior manager who aspires to become the company’s authority on digital business transformation, THRIVE and this free digital transformation mini-course can help you.
  • Whether you are a project manager looking to acquire new knowledge that can get you invited to work with leaders, or whether you are looking for a new role with a firm that prioritises transformation, THRIVE and this free course can help you.

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