Five Big Digital Transformation Challenges

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Five Big Digital Transformation Challenges

Five Big Challenges For Digital Transformation - CXO WeeklyAlmost 130 years after Arthur Dehon Little and Roger Griffin founded the world’s first management consultancy, Arthur D. Little has distilled the findings of 120 hours of interviews across 7 industry sectors on digital transformation into a 67-page report. From BMW to Allianz, and from AirBus to L'Oreal, over 100 global players participated in the research.
Not dissimilar to other digital transformation studies, the report reveals some disturbing facts.

  • 80% of surveyed companies are digital adaptive only
  • Only 17% of companies have comprehensive digital transformation strategies in place
  • 50% perceive lack of digital knowledge across the value chain as their major challenge

Another major finding is the fact that even companies that seem to have mastered technology in the past, such as telecom providers, don’t see themselves as well-prepared for the digital challenge. And while a few saw themselves as “digital oriented”, very few companies rated their own maturity as “digital centric”.
Only last week my post on digital dexterity shared a report by MIT and Capgemini Consulting, which revealed that only 7% of leading organisations exhibit a digital-first and dexterous mindset.
The study revealed that the five main challenges for digital transformation are:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Management support
  3. Insufficient understanding of importance
  4. Excessive complexity
  5. Goal definition

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