Digital Maturity Index Course

Learn how to assess the digital maturity of any organisation – conveniently and affordably.

What You Can Expect

Learn to link digital maturity to business performance using The Digital Maturity Index (DMI). This strategic management tool is the ultimate maturity framework to help you measure, benchmark, and optimise your digital transformation.

Suitable for seasoned Managers, Leaders, and Consultants.

Digital Maturity Index Course

Six digital Business Dimensions

Learn how to measure, manage, and increase the digital maturity of each of the six business dimensions in any organisation, which are: Customer, Operations, People, Governance, Innovation, and Technology.

Five levels of digital maturity

Learn how to use the maturity model for each of the six business dimensions to assess maturity. Based on your strategic goals, you can then shape your digital transformation portfolio accordingly.

digital certification

When you pass the final exam your DMI Practitioner certificate will verify your expertise to hiring managers. Follow in the footsteps of some of the world's most successful transformation professionals.

Discover what's in This Course

Sit back and listen to the Chief Executive Officers of Digitopia and CXO Transform explain how this course will help you perform at your best.

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