Digital IQ For Transformation Performance

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

Digital IQ For Transformation Performance

The PwC Digital IQ analysis of nearly 2,000 business and technology executives shows that Digital IQ Leaders are twice as likely to achieve rapid revenue and profit growth as the laggards.
To know what Digital IQ Leaders consist of, let’s look at the attributes that PwC identified:

  1. The CEO is a champion for digital
  2. The executives responsible for digital are involved in setting high-level business strategy
  3. Business-aligned digital strategy is agreed upon and shared at the C-level
  4. Business and digital strategy are well communicated enterprise-wide
  5. The organisation actively engages with external sources to gather new ideas for applying emerging technologies
  6. Digital enterprise investments are made primarily for competitive advantage
  7. The organisation effectively utilises all the data they capture to drive business value
  8. The organisation proactively evaluates and plan for security and privacy risks in digital enterprise projects
  9. The organisation has a single, multi-year digital enterprise roadmap that includes business capabilities and processes as well as digital and IT components
  10. The organisation consistently measures outcomes from their digital technology investments

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The first four are all around strategy, with the CEO a champion of digital transformation in the #1 spot, followed by strategic clarity, and shared understanding. The 2015 Annual Corporate Directors’ Survey shows that boards are now spending more time discussing technology strategy.

Driving Growth and Competitive Advantage

Companies can drive growth and create competitive advantage if their business leaders understand their organisation’s Digital IQ, and then take a systematic approach to:

  • Dig in to their Digital IQ
  • Conduct a digital strategy workshop
  • Start a digital dialogue
  • Develop a disruption strategy
  • Expand their ecosystems

Chris Curran is Chief Technologist of PwC and oversees the firm's Digital IQ research. He discusses the work in the interview below with Michael Krigsman of
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