Understanding Digital Business Models Event - 25 & 26 Feb 2016

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

Understanding Digital Business Models Event – 25 & 26 Feb 2016

Digital Business ModelsUnderstanding digital business models is vital to the survival of all companies. In 2015 we wrote about a study entitled”Digital Vortex: How Digital Disruption is Redefining Industries“, which was published by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center) – an IMD and Cisco initiative. The main finding of the research was that digital disruption would displace four out of the top 10 incumbents across industries, with an average time to “substantial disruption” of just three years.

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41% of executives surveyed believed that digital disruption has increased the chance that their company will be put out of business altogether. Thus, digital disruption heralds both a fast pace of change and high stakes in terms of competitive standing. Despite these consequences, the study found that only 25% of firms are taking proactive measures to forestall disruption.
This reflects the fact that many companies lack a clear understanding about the existential threat digital disruptors pose.

“Companies that are still hostile to digital technologies today will, I believe, sleepwalk into irrelevance.”
– Didier Bonnet [Cap Gemini Consulting]

With the release of “Digital Vortex,” the DBT Center sought to provide a conceptual framework to consider digital disruption. As industries move toward the center of the Digital Vortex, where disruption is most intense, it is crucial to recognise that this movement is not due simply to the effects of new technologies. What is “different this time” is that digital technologies are enabling new digital business models, that are giving rise to rapid competitive change.

Understanding Digital Business Models: Why Can't you be the Disruptor?

25 – 26 February 2016 at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

At one of the world's most prestigious executive business schools, a free two-day discovery event will describe the sources of value creation in a digital age and show how incumbents can fight back to become disruptors themselves. Value drivers and business models that underpin all digital disruption will be presented, along with a strategic roadmap for how to become a disruptor.
During this event participants will look at the most successful digital business models and explore the following key value drivers:

  • Cost Value
  • Experience Value
  • Platform Value

Digital Business Models
Experienced executives who want to benefit from learning about digital business models will learn how to:

  • Stress test your organisation’s digital strategy using the DBT Center framework
  • Assess your business model’s cost, experience and platform value
  • Prioritise digital activities and build a roadmap for business change
  • Become a digital disruptor
  • And much more

Join Rob Llewellyn, and dozens of others who will attend what promises to be two days of solid digital business transformation value, delivered by one of the world's leading business schools for executives.