How DHL Freight Leveraged The Digital Capability Framework

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

How DHL Freight Leveraged The Digital Capability Framework

DHL Freight selected the Digital Capability Framework (DCF) to support the vision setting of their transformation. The DCF played a key role in defining its new strategic approach.
DHL Freight is a division of Deutsche Post DHL which has almost half a million employees, so every element of a business transformation inside such an organisation is going to be a huge undertaking. Nevertheless, the company embraced the DCF, and the management of DHL Freight worked through the six digital capabilities, assessing their maturity and discovering their strengths, weaknesses and how to close the maturity gaps between where they were and where they needed to be.
Below are just three of the Digital Use Cases which came out of the DCF process at DHL Freight, and which contribute towards it being at the forefront of digital transformation and creating new competitive advantages for itself.

Digital Use Cases – a Key Component of the Digital Capability Framework

Digital Use Case 1: Active Tracing Mobile App (AcT)
Track-and-trace information was made available to customers via a single web tool, and DHL became the first company to make such data accessible through any mobile device. The mobile app “AcT” (ActiveTracing) provides customers with the full event scanning history of shipments for up to six months and even an automatic shipment search. It also provides users with a host of other features which includes direct access to proof of deliveries.
Digital Use Case 2: DHL Door-to-More
Among other things, the DTMI app allows customers to arrange online, the pick-up, and preparation of customs clearance documents, track-and-trace, and the end-to-end shipment route.
Digital Use Case 3: My Ways Parcel Delivery
Via its MyWays pilot platform in Stockholm, Sweden, DHL enables last-mile deliveries to be undertaken using crowdsourcing. The mobile app connect those who want flexible delivery with others who offer parcel movement.

These examples go to show that the Digital Capability Framework can be used to help the world's largest organisations. The DCF is a strategic management tool that more and more companies will turn to as they discover the need for tools that have been specifically designed for transformation.
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