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Death by a Thousand FinTech Cuts

In an article called The Now, The Cloud and the Crowd, Stephane Dubois touches upon the fintech revolution and explains that never before has the war been so drawn out and heated. The innovation gap on Wall Street is being called out and the industry…

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Breaking Banking Into Bits

The information advantage that investment banks have traditionally enjoyed is being eroded as the flow of information moves away from banks and into new channels. This progress is allowing data to be created and controlled by non-bank entities. Discover how digital disruption is breaking banking into bits.

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Transforming an Analog Firm into a Digital Enterprise

Several years ago, the leadership team at BBVA Bank saw many of the risks and opportunities associated with digital disruption, and they needed to transform themselves into a knowledge-driven digital enterprise. It was clear that customers were changing and that new competitors were appearing. But the transformation of…

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