Is There a Business Transformation Certification?

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

Is There a Business Transformation Certification?

The Global Business Transformation Master (GBTM) and Business Transformation Program Manager (BTPM) are two certification programmes.
As with any certification, Business Transformation certification demonstrates an understanding and knowledge about undertaking business transformation and it provides a basic licence to practice. But those doing the hiring and appointment of transformation leaders need to ensure that business transformation certification is accompanied by adequate commercial experience, people-skills, and political intelligence.
That said, most decent professionals should be able to dig out the relevant certification that proves a minimum level of knowledge in their chosen profession, and business transformation management is no exception.

Business Transformation Management Methodology

Only in recent years has an integrated and holistic methodology found its way into some of the worlds's leading organisations to help them tackle the monumental challenge of being among the 30% that succeed at business transformation.
Transformations that under-deliver on value, cost many months longer than budgeted and generally fail to live up to stakeholder expectations, are now documented in research, but most remain hidden skeletons in a company's closet.
After a raft of company closures in recent years, we have seen that no organisation should be under the illusion that they are exempt from the risk of transformation failure, and it is vital that leaders engage the right people, with the relevant capabilities and credentials, to manage business transformation.


The integrated and holistic methodology that in recent years has been finding its way into leading organisations is BTM² (Business Transformation Management Methodology) from SAP Business Transformation Services.
BTM² is accompanied by the following two levels of business transformation certification:
1. Business Transformation Program Manager – BTPM
2. Global Business Transformation Master – GBTM


The Business Transformation Program Manager (BTPM) training is based solely on the Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTM²). Certification demonstrates a thorough knowledge of BTM², its 9 management disciplines and the ability to leverage the processes and body of knowledge that sit within each management discipline, in a business transformation environment.
Thorough self-study of BTM² is a pre-requisite to sitting the BTPM exam and a 2-day course precedes the exam.


The Global Business Transformation Master (GBTM) training builds on what is learned at the BTPM practitioner level and develops the expertise and skills necessary to act as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives.
This certification programme is the world-wide first master level training dedicated to the topic of business transformation management. Training consists of an intensive 2-week course with extensive executive coaching by some of the world's leading business coaches.
Towards the end of the two-week course, each participant individually undergoes two days of rigorous assessments which include case study presentations, simulated board room meetings, group activities and personal feedback.
Participants in both BTPM and GBTM are a mix of business consultants from SAP, CIOs, programme managers and business transformation managers from leading organisations and consulting firms.
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