Business Transformation and Disruptive Technologies

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Business Transformation and Disruptive Technologies

digital disruptionLife is all about continuity and flow (transformation), Late Dr. Wayne Dyer beautifully mentioned that “Transformation literally means going beyond your form”.
On the other hand disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.
There is a deep relationship between transformation and disruption and it is worth exploring to understand how it impact businesses?
Axel Uhl and Lars Gollenia done a great research through empirical study in their book “Business Transformation Essentials: Case Studies and Articles”
Their objective of studying the 126 global organization was to find out what is the main objectives of Business transformation? And the result of research was intriguing.
The key outcome of the research was

  • Main objectives of transformation programs are cost reduction, revenue improvement and agility improvement.
  • Despite the experience of the financial crisis, risk reduction still has a low priority. Business networking has not arrived at all.

Image Source: From book Business Transformation Essentials: Case Studies and Articles
So it came out that if your primary target of business transformation are cost reduction, revenue improvement and agility improvement then you are not alone.
At very high levels to build your perspective on the relationship between business transformation and disruptive technologies here is an idea:

Primary target- Cost reduction

At Business process level

  • Focus on process improvement
  • Reduce administrative headcount
  • Activity based costing

Disruptive Technology
Consider cloud computing and related technologies.

Primary target – Revenue improvement

At Business process level
Improve pricing
Improve product profitability
Improve customer segmentation (focus on your best customers)
Improve customer touch points
Improve sales accountability and commission’s process
Improve budgeting and forecasting
Improve cross sell/up sell capabilities
Improve territory management
Improve account management
Improve marketing
Disruptive Technology
Consider integrated CRM, ERP, Big data and analytical with cloud focus.

Primary target – Agility improvement

At Business Process Level
Rapid Business Capacity & Scale
People Productivity, Workplace Collaboration
Rapid Development and Test Services
Rapid Market Launch
Improves service delivery
Disruptive Technology 
Consider Internet of things, Mobility and digital transformation.
Written by Shekhar Bhartiya