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I’m joined today by Daniel Burrus, author of the book “The Anticipatory Organization“. Daniel is considered one of the world’s leading futurists on global trends and innovation. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker. He says that the anticipatory leaders of our world understand that we’re at a unique point in human history, filled with waves of disruption and opportunity.

The science of disruption by Daniel Burrus:

What I want to talk about here as it relates to transformation and disruption is another kind of change that was very slow in the past. But now it’s coming to its exponential speed. And I would call that linear in that it’s not a cycle. Once this happens, it’s not going back slash exponential, which means it’s being driven by technology that is accelerating at an exponential level.

It’s really looking at trends in a new and powerful way to see and find certainty. As a matter of fact, just a little side note on certainty: strategy, whether it’s personal or professional, based on uncertainty, has high risk. On the other end, strategy, whether it’s personal or professional, based on certainty, actually has low risk. Actually, the risk is in not taking action when you have certainty and certainty gives you the confidence to make a bold move. If you’re uncertain, you’re timid. You’re shy. You don’t make bold moves. But when you have confidence, you will, and that’s how you as a leader can engage your people when they have high levels of certainty.

“In today’s world, you’re either going to be the disrupted or the disruptor. And if you are merely an agile organisation reacting quickly after disruption disrupts or after a problem occurs, disruption is inevitable. And you’re going to have to learn how to react fast to that. But if you learn how to separate the hard trends from the soft trends, the future facts from the future possibilities, the future assumptions, what you find is that disruption becomes a choice.” ~ Daniel Burrus

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