About Rob Llewellyn

Impartial and internationally respected, Rob has helped some of the world’s best known firms generate commercial value from technology, and turned operational managers and leaders into transformation masters.

His place in the transformation space also resulted in him launching his own digital transformation education platform.

The Founder Of CXO Transform

The Founder Of CXO Transform

CXO Transform is a digital education platform designed to help managers and leaders increase their ability to steer their companies towards digital economy success.

While innovation, digitisation and transformation sound like simple concepts, the reality is that they each pose a unique set of challenges.

To address those challenges, CXO Transform’s growing portfolio of courses helps leaders upgrade their capabilities – conveniently and affordably – and thrive in their digital economy


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What I Teach


Corporate Transformation

This course teaches you how to orchestrate transformation in large companies. It's the perfect foundation for managers and leaders who want a competitive edge in the digital economy.

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sell expertise online

Sell Your Expertise Online

This course teaches experts the new digital skills they need to combine with their existing expertise, to create highly profitable digital income channels for themselves.

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Who Takes My Courses?

The course provides all the content needed to establish and make real progress in the digital transformation process. I appreciated the comprehensible THRIVE framework and the clear transformation roadmap - very valuable tools that I feel confident to use in current or future digital initiatives.

Mihaela-Cristina Radoi German Flag

Global Head of Finance Investment Banking IT, Commerzbank

In today’s changing business environment, I found this course in digital business transformation to be of great value. So many genuine concepts and a framework that outlines real world experience.

Matt George Australia Flag

Director, Deloitte

Excellent content - very applicable to the role I am currently engaged on. Other transformation professionals should enroll in the course because it provides good insights and knowledge for digital programs.

Uzair Waheed Saudi Flag

HR Digital Transformation Leader, Aramco

The THRIVE framework provides a very clear and structured approach to Digital Business Transformation. The course material has a clear progress and supports anyone who wants to learn how to address the challenge of digital business transformation.

Paul Robard Sweden Flag

Supply Digital Transformation Driver, Ericsson

I really enjoyed the Digital Business Transformation Management course. I found specially interesting the THRIVE Framework, which provided a comprehensive view about the issues to reflect and to consider to successfully (and really) transform the business. I highly recommend the course to professionals interested in learning more about Digital Transformation and the ones exploring proactive approaches for digital disruption via new business models. In addition to the classes, a wealth of updated/latest thinking literature was provided. Great class!

Antonio Urquiza United States Flag

AVP Finance Transformation, MetLife

The course did not disappoint me, as it comprehensively covered all the aspects what, why and how of digital business transformation, through the THRIVE framework. There are so many myths and stories that are floating around on this hot topic. A course like this is required for transformation professionals to ground their understanding on what is digital business transformation all about and how to go about maturing their knowledge and skills, to play their role in delivering a successful digital business transformation.

Lakshmanan Subbiah Australia Flag

Global Delivery Director, Fujitsu

The structure of the course takes you through a holistic view Digital Transformation roadmap. The course connects many dots to the transformation leaders; weaving organisational change management, technology capabilities and portfolio management all together gave a clear and crisp perspective on how to plan for successful business transformation.

Mohamed Marwan UAE Flag

Digital Solutions Director, GE Healthcare

I was able to witness from first-hand the benefits and challenges faced in a company trying to successfully navigate through the Digital Transformation journey. The course and material reviewed during this course made me realize the things that we should have done differently in order to increase the benefits realization of our Digital Transformation. The training gives you a wing to wing comprehensive view of the concepts, examples, considerations you need to be very familiar with to help you increase your personal and organizational chances of succeeding in the Digital Transformation Journey.

Ricardo del Razo Brazil Flag

Former Digital Technology Executive, GE

This course and certification exam really validated my years of experience in the Digital and IT Transformation arena. My last Business Digital Transformation initiative with CEMEX touched on all the areas of the THRIVE framework. Other professionals should take the course and certification exam to have their digital transformation experience validated by an independent neutral party. They should look at this certification like the PMP for project managers.

Joe Talik USA Flag

Digital Transformation Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The THRIVE framework is Digital Transformation not only demystified but explained with such an effortless clarity. For those who feel confused or lost in the Digital Transformation/Disruption ocean, THRIVE will surely bring a relief. The Framework's author managed to go through the breadth and depth of the matter, and come up with a sound, complete, well-structured and condensed mix of the very substance of Digital Transformation. Not to mention that course is presented in a very digest format. The course is highly suitable to any leader embarking on a digital transformation journey within the company. With its holistic approach and covering a wide range of possible issues, it will bring focus, clarity and added value to their process. I’d encourage others who are interested in digital business transformation to enroll and complete this course.

Derrulex Djoukwai Netherlands Flag

Enterprise Architect, Accenture

I have been working for a while trying to understand how digital transformation will impact our healthcare industry and I find THRIVE framework and this course a perfect guidance to do so. It is very comprehensive and highly adoptable to any industry and I would recommend it to anyone interested to build the future and not only changing today world.

Abdulgader Almoeen Saudi Flag

Director of Digital Health, Advanced Electronics Company (AEC)

An excellent overview of the core fundamentals of digital business transformation, with a well-structured course material and plenty of practical relevance. I highly recommend this course as a refresher to experienced professionals and in general anyone who is interested in taking their business transformation journey to the next level.

Alexander Negash USA Flag

Demand Marketing & Operations Manager, Sage

This course truly clear my concepts and give me roadmap to lead or to participate in transformation projects. This course will give others precise guidelines to distinguish themselves from the crowd at a faster, better and cheaper ratio.

Waqas Ahmad Saudi Flag

Digital Business Advisor, Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage

What I appreciated most out of this course was its focus not just on the "digital" piece but rightly, on "digital business transformation". Digital transformation is much more than just technology. It's re-looking at one's business model and strategy, addressing the culture and capabilities of the organization, driving innovation, and re-mapping business processes to deliver lasting customer engagement, a great employee experience, and yes, effective and efficient end-to-end processes. It is critical that senior executives, not just IT professionals, embrace and fully understand digital transformation.

Robert Kleinschmid USA Flag

Senior Vice President, Strategic & Digital Business Transformation, AirBorn Inc.