10 Worldwide CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions

Rob Llewellyn By Rob Llewellyn

10 Worldwide CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions


Prediction 1: Leading in 3D — Through 2018, Two-Thirds of CIOs Will Have Embraced Leading in 3D, Which Requires Them to Simultaneously Innovate, Integrate, and Incorporate


Prediction 2: New Digital Revenue Streams — By 2018, 35% of IT Resources Will Be Spent to Support the Creation of New Digital Revenue Streams


Prediction 3: Data Governance — By 2017, 80% of Global CIOs Will Initiate a Data Transformation and Governance Framework to Turn Information into a Competitive Business Differentiator


Prediction 4: DX Collaboration — By 2018, 70% of Siloed Digital Transformation Initiatives Will Ultimately Fail Because of Insufficient Collaboration, Integration, Sourcing, or Project Management


Prediction 5: Experimentation, Speed, and Quality — By End of 2018, 90% of IT Projects Will Be Rooted in the Principles of Experimentation, Speed, and Quality


Prediction 6: Security — By 2016, 70% of IT Organizations Will Shift Their Focus to Advanced “Contain and Control” Security and Away from a Perimeter Mentality


Prediction 7: Rationalization — By 2016, 75% of CIOs Will Have to Revive Rationalization Initiatives to Simplify the IT Environment and Enable Innovation


Prediction 8: Strategic Architecture — By 2017, 60% of Digital Transformation Initiatives Will Not Be Able to Scale Because of a Lack of Strategic Architecture


Prediction 9: Changing DX WorkSource Models — By 2018, 80% of Development Organizations Supporting DX Will Incorporate Collective Genius and Crowdsourcing into Their Projects as a Regular Practice


Prediction 10: Business Services — By 2017, 40% of Services Managed by IT Will Be Business Services Oriented to Augmented Experience and Smart Products

Written by Shekhar Bhartiya